What’s the bad news this time???


Do you dread a call from your Property Manager? Do you think, “Oh no, how much?” What about when you call, do you get fobbed off or worse, is your call never returned? What about the business owner, have you ever had a call to find out how it is all going?

We understand that the biggest complaint investors have in regard to their Property Manager is lack of communication. It is alright to have a fantastic tenant and see the money go in the bank, but what about the relationship? Do you even know who your Property Manager is and better still does he or she know you? Do you have complete trust in the decisions they may make about your property.

Imagine you are overseas, enjoying a well-earned holiday. How will you be contactable? If something needs your urgent attention, are you happy to leave the decision to others?

In today’s modern world there are many ways to keep in touch provide you have access to a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer with Internet access. Free Wifi is very available throughout the world these days so you can keep in touch in many ways and it makes getting in touch with you that much easier too. Here are just a few:

And of course the telephone!


Some of our owners actually live overseas and relish their ability to communicate with us through these modern means. Time differences can also make communication difficult, however it doesn’t have to be that way.

It is important to ensure that your Property Manager is aware of all your contact options. Don’t just give your mobile number and email, make sure they have a Skype or Face Time address. Access to your account on line is essential if you are out of the country or going overseas for long periods, so make enquiries for on line access.

Here at Total Care Property Management we have a team of people who are all well versed in all the properties on our rent roll. Whatever your query you will be able to speak to any of our staff through whatever means suits you and get the latest details on your property. If we miss you or you miss us we also have a messaging service and we promise to get back to you within 2 – 6 hours during our office hours.

Feel free to get in touch whatever your query, through whatever means is best for you, and yes, you will hear from us regularly.

About Gai Kroczek

Gai is the Owner/Manager of Total Care Property Management together with Bernie Kroczek of Bernie Kroczek Real Estate. Gai has been in Real Estate for over 20 years and runs a professional Property Management team utilising the latest technology to assist owners in maximising their investment while also assisting tenants.

Gai is also the web designer and maintains all the office technology keeping abreast of all the many changes and implementing them to make sure our owners get the best possible service.

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