To change or not to change?


Ask yourself the question, why do I employ a Property Manager? Isn’t the answer to this question threefold – peace of mind, detachment and maximum return on investment. How is your Property Manager doing?

We understand that as an investor you have an expectation that your investment will essentially look after itself and increase in value over time while providing a good income in the meantime. You more than likely have other things in your life, which you’d much rather give your time and attention to like family, work and fun! You’ve employed a Property Manager to manage the day to day detail. In good hands you’d rightly expect this appointment to be risk free as, after all, you’ve chosen a professional.

Imagine you haven’t heard from your Property Manager in a while and so you assume that things are going well. Your money is in the bank more or less on time each month. Then your next routine inspection lists a huge amount of maintenance, which is now urgent! What has happened? Oh, a new Property Manager has been employed. The last one only lasted 8 months, and this is a repeating pattern. You are getting a little anxious with this company. You wonder what next and what the effect on the capital value of your property may be in the long run.

The good news is that you don’t have to put up with inferior service just because you have a contract and in the hope that things will improve or they’ll employ someone else who will be better. As far as your property is concerned you deserve to have peace of mind when you are paying professionals to look after your interests. In fact, what you really want is value for money.

Many people think that they can only change agents when the current tenant vacates, or the managing agent authority expires. However most management contracts simply require a notice period, generally around 28 days. You don’t even need to state a reason, though the manager of the business would certainly welcome your feedback so that they can improve their services.


If you are thinking of changing agents but are also mindful of the old adage ‘the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t’, then rest easy. You can come across to our agency on a ‘try before you buy’ offer. Yes, that’s right we’ll happily manage your investment property free of the normal monthly management fee for the first month so you get to experience our services with no risk to you. At the end of the trial you can stay or go – it is up to you. Call today to see if your property meets the criteria.

About Gai Kroczek

Gai is the Owner/Manager of Total Care Property Management together with Bernie Kroczek of Bernie Kroczek Real Estate. Gai has been in Real Estate for over 20 years and runs a professional Property Management team utilising the latest technology to assist owners in maximising their investment while also assisting tenants.

Gai is also the web designer and maintains all the office technology keeping abreast of all the many changes and implementing them to make sure our owners get the best possible service.

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