TCPM goes the extra mile for you.


As an investor have you ever considered the many hidden, time consuming responsibilities that you have to deal with?

For instance, just last week one of our owners in their rush to get their property ready to rent, left behind some valuable equipment at the last minute. Just before the tenant arrived our Property Manager, personally collected the items and delivered them back to the owners, saving them time and relieving them of the worry and stress.

Consider the consequences of being too busy to give your property the total care it deserves. These days your attention to detail is paramount to providing quality and competitive accommodation in the rental market.

Our professional resource network means that we can attend to all those hidden and time consuming needs including:
· Finding tenants and all it takes to see them comfortably installed;
· Minor improvements (cleaning, quotes and installations);
· Property maintenance (ongoing and emergency);
· Compliance with council regulations and legislative changes;
· Keeping up to date with market trends and rental values; and
· Taxation depreciation schedules, plus much more.

Here is a YouTube video of Rochelle and her experience.

About Gai Kroczek

Gai is the Owner/Manager of Total Care Property Management together with Bernie Kroczek of Bernie Kroczek Real Estate. Gai has been in Real Estate for over 20 years and runs a professional Property Management team utilising the latest technology to assist owners in maximising their investment while also assisting tenants.

Gai is also the web designer and maintains all the office technology keeping abreast of all the many changes and implementing them to make sure our owners get the best possible service.

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