What is the Scope of a Property Manager?

What is the Scope of our Property Manager

Property Management covers everything to do with the person living in the property, ie the tenant, from finding a suitable tenant, completing the compliance paperwork, placing them in the property with a set of guidelines for their tenancy of the property, collecting the rent, invoicing for any utilities and ensuring that they comply to the lease agreement and lease conditions at all times.

Attending to any Maintenance of the property, which includes repairs and maintenance to the property and appliances which have been included for the use of the tenant. The maintenance and repairs are assessed by our property manager as to whether they are classified as ‘wear and tear’ or tenant damage and paid for accordingly.

Any tenant damage is fixed appropriately by our qualified tradespeople at the expense of the tenant. All other repairs and maintenance will only be attended to on receiving instructions from you – our client.

What is not included under the scope of our managing agent agreement is the supply and installation of appliances or additional facilities, including the supply and installation of replacement of faulty appliances which have broken down in the course of the management of the property. The only exception is the supply and installation of Hot Water Systems, as these are deemed an essential service.

We also decline to oversee any major renovations, makeovers and other capital expenditure between tenancies, eg replacement floor coverings, new kitchens or new bathrooms, window treatments, etc. We are however, happy to supply you with the names of trades we usually employ for our maintenance issues, which may be suitable for your renovation. We can also liaise between your tradespeople and the tenant or be a drop off point for keys should the property be vacant.

We have taken this step, as we feel that, with all our management duties, including day to day maintenance, we simply do not have the specific expertise to carry out and supervise any major works to your investment.