Online Agent


The OnlineAgent web portal gives you the ability to monitor your residential investment property, or rental property.

Instead of having to get in touch with us during office hours, you can view, search and download the details you need, all from your own home or office computer.

OnlineAgent is a portal provided by Console which integrates with Console’s Gateway real estate software. Console’s Gateway is used by us to record all our property management transactions from our Trust Account.

Console is the leading provider of real estate software to real estate agents in Australasia, with over 3,000 agencies using their software.

Here is a video demonstration of this service:

On Line Agent – Features

Here is a short list of features from OnlineAgent, give us a call if you’d like to activate your online account.

View Accounts
View Accounts is only visible if you have multiple accounts with us.

Clicking on View Accounts at any time in OnlineAgent displays the Accounts page which lists all of your accounts for rental properties. Simply click on an account to display the Properties page for that account.

View Properties
Clicking View Properties at any time in OnlineAgent displays the Properties page for the currently selected account. From there you can view a particular property’s details by clicking on View Property. Once Property Details have been accessed, View activities for the property is available for you to click to view any activities associated with the property.

View Activities
Clicking View Activities in OnlineAgent lets you access your property activities and enables you to filter them also.

You can filter by Type of activities (Inspection , Maintenance or All), Status options (Completed, Active and All), and Property (all or specific properties).

View Statements
View Statements is visible for all your rental property accounts.

Clicking View Statements in OnlineAgent displays the Statements page for the currently selected account.

Click on a listed statement to view it in a new browser window as a PDF document.

If you do not have Adobe Reader installed you will not be able to view the PDF. However, Adobe Reader can be downloaded free from 2.html. If the PDF still does not display in a new browser window after ensuring Adobe Reader is installed, it may be that you have window blocking activated for your browser.

Contact Agency
Clicking Contact Agency in OnlineAgent lets you send an enquiry to your property manager.

Your contact details and ours are automatically populated. Simply enter the details of your enquiry and click Submit to send.

Change Password
Click Change Password to change your OnlineAgent password.

On the Change Password page enter your existing password, enter your new password and confirm your new password, then click Change Password.

Add Account
You can add additional accounts along the way when you place new properties with us to the one OnlineAgent login user.

Click Add Account. On the Add Account page enter the Verification Code for the other account as supplied by us.

Click Continue, the additional account lists under the Accounts page.

For more information or to activate your account or receive additional verification codes, contact us.