Front Row Seat Without The Popcorn!

Front Seat without Popcorn

We recognise that these days more and more people watch videos on You Tube. In fact over the last 6 months on average 4 billion videos are viewed on You Tube every day. So why would we limit exposure of your property to a few exclusive real estate portals? When your property is at stake we think big.

We also understand that you want good quality, drama free tenants and we’ve developed our program to capture a wider pool of tenants so you don’t miss out on the best tenant for your property. This allows you more choice when it comes to the final decision.

People today are very busy and prospective tenants may even be coming from interstate. Often the only option available is to go to the viewing on a specific date or miss out! This may mean you, as the Landlord, lose a potential dream tenant who doesn’t even make the short list.

Our video tours are just like having a friend walk through the property with a video camera, giving you a real time feel of what it would be like to live there. These are not Hollywood blockbuster quality, nor are they meant to be. No, no, they simply give people a realistic feel for the property as if they were there themselves. Most properties are only advertised with photos, if a picture tells a thousand words, how much more can a video tell?

John recently found one of our properties on-line and viewed the video walk through tour. It was just what he and his wife were looking for. They contacted a friend who came to the viewing, who, in turn, confirmed what the video showed and they applied on-line. While the viewing did produce other applications, John and his family proved to be the owner’s choice and they moved into the property on arriving from Melbourne and are, today happily established in their new home.

Here is your ticket to one of our video walk through tours,

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About Gai Kroczek

Gai is the Owner/Manager of Total Care Property Management together with Bernie Kroczek of Bernie Kroczek Real Estate. Gai has been in Real Estate for over 20 years and runs a professional Property Management team utilising the latest technology to assist owners in maximising their investment while also assisting tenants.

Gai is also the web designer and maintains all the office technology keeping abreast of all the many changes and implementing them to make sure our owners get the best possible service.

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