Did You Know?….Deadlocks


On July 1st, 2013 the Residential Tenancies Act changed and the changes apply to all Landlords whether their property is managed privately or by a Property Manager. There were over 100 changes and they affect how you or your Agent manages your property.

Minimum Security requirements…

One of the major items in the tenancy legislation affecting your property is the ‘minimum security requirements’ which is in Section 45 of the tenancy legislation.

The act now requires the following:

• Main entry door – a deadbolt/deadlock (if there is a lockable security screen compliant with Australian Standards already fitted, then the Landlord will not be required to retrofit a deadbolt.)
• Other timber entry doors (eg laundry or back door) – a deadbolt/deadlock or a patio bolt if a deadbolt cannot be fitted.
• Glass external doors – a patio bolt (if there is a deadbolt handle set or a lockable security screen compliant with Australian Standards already fitted, then the landlord will not be required to retrofit a patio bolt.)
• Windows – lockable from the inside (this will not mean having to install keyed window locks, but that window latches, closers or locks are fitted and are in working order to reduce the risk of a window being forced open from the outside).
• External lighting – a light at the main entry that can be operated from the inside.
The requirements for locks to entry doors and lockable windows do not apply where the door or window is situated on the second storey or above in apartments and multi-storey homes.

Exemptions will apply to properties listed on the State Heritage Register and to properties situated on land zoned rural. In these instances, the requirement will remain for a reasonable level of security to be maintained.

Checking whether your property is compliant can be done by your property manager at the routine inspection or at the change of tenancy.

If you are just about to put your property on the rental market and you don’t know whether your property is compliant ask your property manager to check when they do the initial inspection of your property or you can arrange to meet the Property Manager at the property.

For more information visit the Australian Standards website and the Department of Commerce website.

Did you know?… No. 2 – Repairs and Maintenance: Essential Services are now defined, stay tuned.

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