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Video – Is it worth the effort?

We recently housed an interstate family in one of our properties after they had viewed the video walk-through tour on line. Here is an article published in the magazine ‘Residential Property Manager’ featuring opposing views on the subject. Which company’s attitude would you prefer? Click on the picture to read the full article.

Finding You a Tenant – The Latest Technology

Have you ever wondered how your new tenant is found for your rental property? Here at Total Care Property Management we’ve invested in the latest technology to ensure we capture all tenant enquiries as they come in whether it is a weekend or public holiday or even after hours. Imagine it’s a Friday night and… Read More

Why do I need a Property Manager?

It’s not an uncommon question I hear from landlords. Let me ask you another question. Do you need a property manager at all? Not everyone needs a professional property manager. For example some people have sufficient spare time to deal with the physical aspects of managing their property. Such things as • meeting prospective tenants… Read More

How to Reduce Your Investment’s Risk

How to reduce the risk of an investment property: These days unfortunately, litigation is an all too familiar term for many people. We read about it in the newspaper, hear about it on the news and see it on current affairs TV programs. We have become desensitised to the word ‘sue’ which used to be… Read More

Our Guarantee

We’d like to leave a trail of delighted clients, and so our guarantee is designed to ensure that we achieve this outcome. In addition to our NO RISK Guarantee, feel free to contact us at anytime about any concerns you have with our staff, our management of your property, your tenant or the real estate… Read More

What Makes a Property Investment Profitable

We understand that vacancy and turnover are two of the biggest expenses you have to deal with. At Total Care Property Management our aim is to minimize your vacancy rates through quick turnaround of tenants and reduce turnover by maintaining your property at the same standard as if it were our own, and therefore the… Read More

Why Choose Total Care Property Management

We understand when you are choosing a Property Manager you require experience, the ability to co-ordinate and control delivery of services to ensure consistency and high quality service at all levels. We believe your objectives are well covered by our experienced team and include the following: A strong business focus A high level of communication… Read More

What is Property Management?

Property Management is put simply the management of your investment property. The real question however is, what does it include and what does it exclude. Often the expectations of the investor or owner are different to the actual stated obligations of the property management company. Many owners assume, incorrectly, that their property manager is somehow… Read More

What is the Scope of our Property Manager

Property Management covers everything to do with the person living in the property, ie the tenant, from finding a suitable tenant, completing the compliance paperwork, placing them in the property with a set of guidelines for their tenancy of the property, collecting the rent, invoicing for any utilities and ensuring that they comply to the… Read More

Common Mistakes Investors Make

When it comes to property management, it is good to have the right understanding and expectation. Here are some common areas that can cause conflict and upset with property owners and investors. General ‘Wear and Tear’– this is understanding that every person who rents your property will always live differently than you would. ‘Wear and… Read More